A Pledge to COMRADES

I have received information from COMRADES headquarters about KIN, the Censorship of Sinema according to Film Censorship Directive 228X and I have also received the COMRADES Charter which sets out the aims of the resistance movement.

I pledge allegiance to COMRADES and vow to:

  • work on behalf of the resistance movement
  • uphold the values of free speech and public interaction,
  • facilitate opportunities for collective creative experiences
  • fight for the reinstatement of sinema,
  • learn about the history of sinema and share my findings with others
  • complete any challenges set for me by COMRADE officials

As an agent of COMRADES I promise to keep my activities secret and all information that I find will be classified as restricted and will only be shared with COMRADES officials.

I give my assurance to COMRADES that I will not enter into communication with KIN. If I am arrested or questioned by KIN I will not pass on information and I will undertake evasive measures as laid out in the COMRADES’ Charter. I acknowledge that COMRADES will deny all knowledge of me and will destroy my records.

I agree that COMRADES may contact me and that I will keep channels of communication open whenever possible.

I herewith submit my pledge.

Communication Details

Providing your contact details will acknowledge acceptance of the COMRADES pledge, and will enable channels of communication to be open between yourself and COMRADES